Tennis Team Unil EPFL

Who are the players that are part of the team?

We are students from EPFL, UNIL and HEC, studying from engineering to economics or medicine for instance. Check the Team section to get to know them!

What are the admission criteria?

Admission of new player may vary depending on the current number of players. However three fundamental criteria are required: to be enrolled as student at EPFL or UNIL (bachelor/ master), have an advanced competitive level of play (min R3), be ready to invest time, energy and, to a lower extent, money.

What is the team’s level?

The team aims a competitive. All players have a Swiss ranking between R3 and N3.

How are the trainings organised?

In winter time we practice indoors, on clay court and during summer on the hard courts of Dorigny. We play a minimum once a week.

What is expected of you if you join the university team?

Such as in an association, being part of the tennis team requires an effort to implicate yourself in the team and motivation. This implies 2-3h per week and a couple of trips during the weekend per year. Nothing to demanding, regardless of your field of study. However it obviously demands some organisation and of course, motivation.

How can you join the team?

Email to and provide information about you and your level ( Ranking, what you study, etc).